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Selo Group is the parent for several companies dedicated to the development of tourism oriented projects in South Lombok.  More specifically in the area surrounding Selong Belanak Beach.  With over 150 full-time staff both in Selong Belanak and overseas, it has extensive experience across all business lines to ensure it delivers a quality and transparent product.  You can read more about Selo Group at https://selogroup.co

Selong Selo Asset Management: Is our division for purchases of raw land.  When purchased we clear it from any issues it may have through extensive pre and post-acquisition due diligence.  All boundaries have been vetted multiple times with local regulatory authorities and the community through the subdivision process to ensure accuracy.  We don’’t sell any property we are not 100% comfortable with selling after a long title clearing process.  In some cases this has taken several years but we remain committed to undertaking all parts of the transaction process thoroughly and do not cut any corners.

Selong Selo Residences: Is our premium residential and resort product nestled in the Jabon hills of Selong Belanak. It offers high end villas, club house, tennis court and other facilities you would expect from a 5 star offering. It offers full rental management of the villas and the Selong Selo team has extensive hotel management experience. This division is also in charge of devising and later implementing the villa management structure, rental marketing and resort supervision to ensure plot owners have the ability to earn a decent yield and ensure significant capital appreciation. Of course, we will not forget the lifestyle aspect and will have staff responsible for organizing daily activities such as mountain biking, golf, fishing, diving, waterfall tours, yoga, massage and hikes to the famous Mount Rinjani.

Selong Selo Construction Management: Is the branch of the Selong Selo Group devoted to the construction and development of the Selong Selo Residences estate’ infrastructure and the individual villas that will be built within it.  The construction management team has vast experience in high-end hotel and resort construction with projects in across South East Asia and Australia,  giving the Selong Selo Construction Management a perfect mix of experience to develop our large estate and deliver quality build from roads to living rooms.  Our construction team also consists of architects, civil engineers, experienced builders, quantity surveyors, and a large contingent of workers living locally.  This experience is aided by utilizing key consultants across the globe for MEP, structural, interiors etc.

Yes, the majority of our team lives locally in Selong Belanak.  As part of our company’s ethos, we don’t believe in remote management. We understand the difficulties of the area which is why our team of construction and operational experts is based in South Lombok where they can have constant supervision over the development.  Selo Group has gone to great efforts to provide housing infrastructure and great working conditions for our core team in Selong Belanak.  We are the only international company to have permanent offices with high speed broadband internet in Selong Belanak.  Besides having key management in Lombok, the founders of Selong Selo are based in Hong Kong and Singapore respectively and have sales representatives globally.

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