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We have taken this into consideration whilst designing the project. Therefore, different stages have been created to prevent the project from becoming a continual building site in any one area. We are also fortunate different phases are beyond eye sight from the other. We are committed to only selling land to people who are looking to build their dream villa. If potential investors are looking for more a passive investment and want to only invest in the capital appreciation story of Selong Selo we recommend talking to us about our land fund.

This depends on whether you build on a flat or steep plot and the design and size of your villa, but as a rough gauge it will vary between 8-14 months.

Organizing all the moving parts in a luxury villa construction process is a task for an experienced Construction Manager. To ensure the process is completed to the highest standard we assist by:

  • Developing construction schedules, maintaining them with up-to-date progress and preparing regular progress reports for the purchaser
  • Preparing and implementing inspection & test plans for the works done
  • Inspection of the works to ensure compliance with specified design and construction standards and all other mandated codes and standards
  • Overseeing materials testing, such as concrete strength and timber moisture content
  • Resolving design issues on site in order to reduce time and cost impacts
  • Implementing site safety & environmental awareness programs for the benefit of workers, visitors and the local community
  • Managing the site in an efficient manner to keep the construction on cost and on schedule.

We are happy to send further information under the NDA. We operate on an open book, cost plus model so it is all 100% transparent.

We will. Our Selong Selo Construction Management team will manage the construction process from start to finish.

We will manage your pre-design process. Selong Selo Construction Management will handle the logistics from design to bill of quantities (BOQ”). Some of the more specific areas covered in this stage are:

  • Contract management and quantity surveying
  • Commission consultants for the design development
  • Programme for the construction build
  • Provide cash flow forecasts, which includes coordinating the various disciplines involved in the design of the villa. From architect, to structural, to MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) to landscape, to quantity surveyors.

Our Construction Management team will ensure all areas of the build are covered to the highest standards and are designed specifically for you.

The pre-design process is composed of the following services:


  • Provides you with a full site investigation service using experts, accredited testing facilities and local Government testing & surveying agencies
  • Site survey + Architectural Topographic survey
  • Soil tests using a local certified testing agency
  • Site boundary confirmation and certification from Local Government.


  • Review of design concept with you and the architect
  • Approval of design concept to ensure it fits in with the developments guidelines.


  • Preliminary villa costings done by in-house team
  • Value engineer for change of materials or design if exceeding your budget
  • Report back to you with the estimate of final costs.


  • Ensure that a design concept not only fits the design guidelines but will also fit in actual contour conditions
  • Minimize cut and fill works to reduce structural building cost.

Yes, we encourage people to start their construction as soon as possible. We have set out a very clear process to follow from the conception of the basic design of your villa to its completion and usage. Upon request, we can provide a clear summary of the process and steps required to have your villa built and ready for use.

Yes, we have put a lot of effort into ensuring that the Selong Selo Residences has adequate drainage. Where possible we have used natural solutions to protect vulnerable areas. We have been through four wet seasons already since our infrastructure was first implemented and our existing infrastructure has been tested and improved before the beginning of villa construction.

In regards to the internal and external calculations, our quantity surveyor puts the structural component of the build as ‘external’. Hence why this component is so high. The structural part is the largest cost of the build.

We will provide the basic infrastructure for your property. Each property will have road access, water and electricity and internet.

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