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Visa requirements vary depending on your country of origin.  Generally visas are issued on a 30-day basis.  A visa can sometimes be extended for another 30 days ensuing the initial 30 day visa. Please explore this link for more available information (http://indonesiaimmigration.com/index.php)

Taxis are inexpensive and available at all times. You can usually get a ride from the airport for around $10 USD and a trip to north to the capital city of Mataram for around $12-15 USD. You are also able to hire private drivers to take you anywhere in Lombok and usually charge per day. If you would like to drive yourself, motorbikes and cars are available for rental upon arrival and are available for either short-term or long-term rental.

There are several high quality surf breaks including Serangan, Mawi, Air Guling and Mawun all within a 15-minute car trip from Selong Belanak. Desert Point has recently been ranked in the top ten world’s best surf break and is approximately 2 hours from our site.

Selong Belanak beach embodies perfect learning conditions for anyone looking to give surfing a try. It is a small, mellow, safe beach break. The surrounding area offers world-class surf breaks for the more experienced surfer. Due to the area’s pristine nature, there are no established tour companies in Selong Belanak at the moment, but it is easy to hire a local boat to go out fishing or surfing. There are also dive shops located in Kuta (25 minutes away). Other activities in the area include shopping for pottery and weavings, various other cultural activities, swimming, hiking, biking, snorkeling and much more.  Our in-house Activities Concierge can help you to plan and book any outings and day-trips that appeal to you.

An international standard hospital recently opened in the capital city of Mataram (1 hour away). The closest local standard hospital is located in the neighboring city of Praya (30 minutes away). There is an international medical center with an ambulance, evacuation services and pharmaceutical supply located in neighboring Kuta (25 minutes away). Also, small community clinics exist in Selong Belanak and Kuta, which can provide basic medical care.

The Indonesian and Regional Nusa Tenggara Barat government is very supportive of tourism and very pro-development. Together they aim to grow Indonesian tourism revenue to match with neighbouring Malaysia and Thailand. Much of Lombok is designated as a sustainable eco –tourism zone aimed to multiply its number of visitors in the coming years. The government has also started the largest infrastructure development plan the island has ever seen. This development plan has seen the south benefit with a brand new international airport, a bypass road to the capital city of Mataram, expansion of the power grid which in the last few years has more than doubled the population with access to electricity and significant road expansion in particularly to the south. Multiple roads have been repaired and new roads are being asphalted throughout the entire island. There is a Public Private Initiative with the Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation working on a 1200 hectare golf course and resort complex in nearby Kuta. Initial clearing and filling for golf course began in September 2014 and is ongoing. President Jokowi visited in April 2015 to support the 1200 hectare Mandalika Resort development effort as well as promoting the area in general.

The South of Lombok enjoys a beautiful, tropical climate year round. Temperatures range between 23-27 degrees Celsius (73-81 degrees Fahrenheit). Due to the effect of the trade winds, the South of the island endures less rainfall than the North.

The dry season ranges from May to November, and the wet season lasts from December to April.

Lombok is located to the East of Bali, Indonesia and is approximately a 30 minute flight or 2 hour fast boat ride from Bali.

  • 1 are = 100 square meters •
  • 1 acre = 40 are = 4,000 square meters •
  • 1 hectare = 2.5 acres = 100 are = 10,000 square meters

General vaccinations are always recommended when travelling to Indonesia. The vaccination requirements vary in different areas of Indonesia so we recommend that you visit this website for more information (http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/destinations/indonesia.htm).

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