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Yes, every plot we offer for the Selong Selo Residences has an ocean view of the Selong Belanak Bay. We are using any land without a view as common areas for our staff quarters, car parking etc.

A full step by step outline of the sales process, necessary paperwork, money transfers and transaction/management fees can be sent to you upon request.

Yes, all our lots have been surveyed and a contour map with elevations is available for each plot. A new survey is performed by the BPN prior to the lot being sold and the certificate is issued to the buyer’s name or transfer of mortgage.

Yes, all plots come with a warranty of clear access and title. Individual plot certificates will be granted upon completion of purchase.

The lot certificate is held at our lawyer’s office or public notary’s office and will be transferred once the final payment is made.

Yes, there are numerous security posts located throughout the Selong Selo Residences. Onsite security is provided 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Yes, if you would like additional services to maintain your own lot, this will be an extra charge. This fee will cover maintenance of individual gardens, utilities etc.

Yes, there will be a capital expenditure contributions (i.e. sinking fund) that will be used to replace the common area infrastructure at the end of their useful life. The fund fee is $1000 USD. When this fund gets down to 20% of its value there will be a call for top up. E.g. if we have sold 10 lots, the fund should be 10k and when the fund gets down to 2k there would be a cash call. We do not expect this called upon regularly.

Yes, we provide private hire car services for you to travel around Lombok.

We provide thorough maintenance programs and repairs to ensure your villa is maintained to the highest standard. We have a skilled team available onsite for any of your maintenance issues.

Yes, the Residences has a large onsite management office and 24 hour guest services available.

Yes, there is high speed fibre-optic internet supplied to the entire site. We are currently the only site in Selong Belanak with high speed internet.

No, there is absolutely no time share. All villa owners are free to use their villa as much or as little as they want. If you want to live permanently there then there are no letting charges. You will just have to notify us in advance of you intentions to stay there long term.

Yes you can live in your villa all year and there will be no charge for the long term usage of your villa. You will need to advise us of your intension ahead of time of you desires to stay long term. You may still opt to use some of the services provided by Selong Selo. These will be charged at fixed published rates.

Marketing fee: Selong Selo Residences will charge a % of your villa published rate for any rental that comes through our direct marketing (e.g. Selong Selo Residences website). Selong Selo Residences will also use other marketing agents such as Agoda, Air BNB from time to time, and in the case your villa is rented through these agents we will waive the marketing fee and you will be only charged the agent’s marketing fee. Letting fee: Selong Selo Residences will charge a % of your villa published rate to cover the cost of services provided when letting your villa. As mentioned above, a full list of services can be provided on request.

The letting program allows you to commercially rent your villa through Selong Selo Residences. A comprehensive list of our responsibilities and services provided whilst maintaining, managing and marketing your villa in exchange for a marketing and letting fee can be provided on request. You will receive (financial reports detailing all revenue and expenses in your villa and the rental income will be automatically transferred to your bank account of choice.

No, the letting program is optional. However in efforts to ensure greater security, consistency of offering and consistency of marketing, it is not allowed to commercially rent or manage your villa outside the letting program.

Yes. In order to market all the bespoke villas as a single product we need to ensure all villas fit within a certain standard. This also ensures certain items that may be damaged or need replacement are easily replaceable. We will provide a suit of options for you to personalize your villa to suit your taste.

No, renting your property is not compulsory if you are in the letting program. You are free to make your villa available or unavailable in the letting program.  Further if you want to stay in the villa on a long-term basis (long-term defined as 90 continuous days) then all you need to do is notify us and there will be no letting fee applicable.

These type of services are an additional cost. If you are living in your villa the number of services required is likely to reduce substantially to reflect not being in the rental pool. We require certain things to be maintained eg. cleaning pool once a week to ensure the project is in a respectable order. However, sheets being changed etc. can be eliminated.

For properties in a rental program, these services (housekeeping, pool cleaning, gardening, routine and preventative maintenance, general repairs and pest control) will normally be provided as part of the letting program. Further details of the program will be shared under NDA.

Yes, we will have that applied for on your behalf and is included in the purchase price of your land.

Yes you can insure your villa. Throughout the construction process Selong Selo insures the villa with a Construction All Risk (CAR) policy. Selong Selo holds the risk and liability throughout this time. Once the construction phase is complete and the practical completion certificate has been issued the villa will move to a PAR policy. Standard insurance rates apply and will depend on how extensive your coverage is.  We can procure appropriate insurance from international companies (Allianz is our preferred insurer) and we ensure competitive polices.  This insurance is then at the owners cost.

We offer onsite 24 hour security and maintenance services for all lots within the estate.

In order to ensure harmony with the landscape and natural state of the property we has established a set of guidelines. We are happy to provide a copy of the covenants upon request. In order to ensure consistency and quality, each design will be subject to approval by the Selong Selo Review Board which comprises of the founders, GM and head of projects. In general, our covenants address various aspects of the design, from aesthetic to technical such as electric systems, plumbing and energy efficiency requirements. In regards to height restrictions, for most blocks your only restriction will be the height of a mature coconut tree which is enforced by the government. This gives you plenty of scope to build a 2 story with high ceilings etc.

We employ a team of talented interior designers that will help you to bring your dream interior scheme to life.

The large FF&E collections on offer compliment the nature of the architecture, materials and landscape. All packages, inspired by contemporary Indonesia, include specific inventory, furniture layouts and will be bespoke designed to complement each individual villa and its’ signature luxury lifestyle. Each villa will be a masterpiece of casual island elegance, meticulously crafted for you.

This will depend on your design and specific plot of land. Our construction management team will work closely with you to ensure the most cost effective solution to your build. After you have given your design brief, they will provide an estimate of cost and timings of cash flows for your villa using our proprietary software.

In order to ensure the highest quality villas, we have employed a large team of experts in each specific area of design and construction. These include: Structural Engineers, MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) experts, Architects, FFE (Furniture, Fixture and Equipment) and Interior Designers, and Quantity Surveyors. Having a cohesive team of highly qualified people all working together on your build, ensures that its made hassle-free for you.

We belive that this project offers a fantastic lifestly option and great financial benefit for the following reasons:

  • Commitment from the Lombok Government to improve the local infrastructure
  • Prices are much more competitive than neighbouring Bali. We do not expect prices to meet Bali’s but we do think the spread will narrow given Lombok’s land prices are trading at a significant discount prices in comparison to Bali. Upon singing the NDA / Confidentiality Agreement we can send you further information.
  • Large scale development currently underway in nearby Kuta backed by government
  • Natural beauty
  • Superior Product
  • Rapidly growing middle class in Indonesia creating domestic demand.

This will depend on how you design your villa. The ability to split your larger villa so it can be rented as separate portions will assist in improving your yield. A few comparable luxury developments in the area experience over 90% occupancy throughout the year.

Indonesia is a very popular destination throughout the year. The wet season coincides with the Christmas and Easter Holidays and this is it’s busiest periods. South Lombok also has the most consistent surf conditions on the island and therefore attracts the surfing market all year round. Demand for villa rentals is highest generally around the middle of the year which coincides with the summer breaks of the northern hemisphere. We predict that while there is obvious peak periods, the lack of quality villas in the area will create all year demand.

Lombok has experienced sustain capital appreciation in land for the last ten years. We believe that South Lombok will continue to enjoy significant capital appreciation in the coming years.

Our main buyers have been expatriates and/or high net worth individuals globally.  Many are influential and respected leaders in their fields. There is a mix between those who have purchased purely for investment (capital appreciation & yield) and those who are buying it for both lifestyle and investment. We pride ourselves on building a like minded community and therefore have had most of our purchases from word-of-mouth and referrals.

No, our objective to ensure ample space between villas and a greener environment therefore Selong Selo Residences covenants prevent the further subdivision of plots. We believe Lombok’s natural beauty needs to be retained and is a key advantage of buying land in Lombok vs Bali.

We are all about green technologies. We are committed to a sustainable development and using renewable energy and techniques wherever it is possible. The designs are imprinted into the estate through the use of energy efficient technologies, ecological design and engineering design and the use of sustainable energy where possible. In the design development stage, we ensure that each villa follows energy efficient parameters and water recycling technologies and designs which will represent significant savings in utility bills and therefore more yield for you.

We have already developed most of the estate’s infrastructure:

  • 5 meter wide asphalted roads. All of the internal roads will be paved/asphalted and will have proper drainage to adequately protect them from heavy rains in the wet season. We have already surfaced the roads with the first layer (bearing course). Once construction of most of the villas is completed we will add another layer (wearing course) to complete the surfacing. All roads and infrastructure we build meet Australian standards and are designed to last using best available materials, geo textile, and thorough compaction testing. This ensures our roads won’’t deteriorate in the future
  • Underground electric connection to PLN (Indonesia’s state electricity company)
  • Water lines to each property
  • High speed fibre-optic internet
  • Landscaped common areas and landscaping maintenance
  • Perimeter fencing with an entry gate security service
  • Garbage collection and disposal
  • The design of all the common areas, clubhouse and entrances have been reviewed by well-known, master planners Sala Design
  • We are firmly committed to developing a premium residential resort in Lombok.

Included in the purchase cost is:

  • Land plot with clear title
  • Access roads
  • Water provisions
  • Electricity provisions
  • A full suite of professionally drafted and vetted Legal Agreements have been prepared and vetted by leading independent legal advisers, Purchasers can also seek their own legal representation if they choose.

Villa construction costs, furniture, fixtures and equipment are not included in the purchase cost. We have villa construction cost estimation software that is available to buyers for budgeting purposes.

We will cover all the services required for you to enjoy your dream villa. From pre-design services such as soil investigation and land topographical maps, to architectural design management, and construction. Our team will drive your construction process to ensure complete satisfaction to the final product. Once your villa is completed, we will provide management services that range from basic maintenance of the villa to marketing your villa for a rental yield. Our villa rental system has been designed in conjunction with leading hotel consultants and operators and aims to deliver a flexible model which will allow owners to decide how much they use it and how much they rent their villa balancing lifestyle with yield.

Our team has worked hard to simplify the sometimes daunting process of purchasing land in Indonesia. We invite you to contact one of our sales representatives who can guide you through the process. Chances are we have a sales representative in the city you live! You can contact us at sales@selongselo.com

Our Selong Selo Residences are located on the Selong Belanak Bay in the South Lombok. It is approximately a 30 minute drive from the international airport and a 30 minute drive west of Kuta (the main town and tourism centre in South Lombok). The capital, Mataram, is about 1 hour and 15 minute drive north along the newly constructed airport bypass road. The road connecting the main airport road and our residences is fully asphalted providing a comfortable ride to your villa.

We pride ourselves on offering a completely transparent and ethical business model. All additional services are offered on a fully open book model of cost plus to ensure you have 100% clarity on underlying costs.

We have a permanent office in Selong Belanak with a team of English speaking expatriates and local staff that are well trained and have a huge amount of operating experience in Lombok. We are committed for the long term to support our clients and the local community. We have strived to align interest in the success of our development with many of our senior staff and management having a plot within the development. We are passionate about the area and our development and want to share it with our friends and family.

Our business model is based upon helping you through every stage of the development process. From land acquisition, villa design and construction to villa management. Our in-house team of international experts are your one stop shop to ensure you get the most our of your investment. We are the only group in South Lombok that offers this.

Making sure you have a partner that can help you through every aspect of development is the key to our success. We have undertaken extensive due diligence to be confident that we can navigate through all the intricacies of the local customs to ensure we are getting certainty of boundary, access and clear title.

By purchasing through Selong Selo, we can guide you through the process without losses, risks or unnecessary expenses.

After working in the area for nearly seven years, we realized that the only way to deliver an extraordinary product in the undeveloped South Lombok is to create a specialist in-house team to fulfil all the core competencies of the business.

We have spent many years exploring the area, connecting with local people, hiring key staff and learning everything there is to know regarding land purchase and development. We see this as our key point of difference as most other developers leave their purchasers to manage their own constriction to build their villa. We know first-hand it is not easy to find quality help in such a remote area and we have worked very hard to have an on the ground” presence that is reliable, knowledgeable and trustworthy.

Our team of experienced professionals not only have an impeccable track record in delivering quality products and services in remote destinations but also feel the same passion the group’’s founders felt to create a first class product.

We highly recommend all potential plot purchasers to visit the area and see our Selong Selo Residences in person. There are many who sell subdivided land, however we strongly believe it is the next stages after the land sales that is the most important (and difficult). We believe in delivering a first class and sustainable product and build to international standards. All of our designs and construction plans are done by international design and construction professionals and implemented with thorough supervision from our international construction team.

Although we have a blanket no pets policy we are happy to discuss with individual owners on a case by case basis.

Yes, we want people to use our designers as we can be assured the quality sourced is up to the standard we want our rental rooms to be portrayed. Our interior designers have a large textbook of various furnishings which give you plenty of scope to expand your horizons and select from a wide range of options. Our designers are very good at sourcing some great furniture and fixtures.

In order to keep the electricity bills for the villas down to a minimum we are designing them with energy efficiency in mind. Full ‘passive cooling’ like surrounding the villas with shade trees, special solar blinds for the windows, full insulation, low energy light bulbs, natural ventilation etc. This is to keep air-conditioning usage to a minimum as it’s air-cons that use the most amount of electricity. This is why we are aiming to incorporate a 10KW solar system into each villa. This should run everything apart from the full air-cons (it should also be able to partially run the air-con units). For outside night lighting our objective is to use solar lights, this goes for all the landscape and street lighting too.

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