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For years Lombok has been regarded as ‘The Next Bali’. Nowadays the comparison seems to fade and Lombok stands out on its own thanks to its superb beaches, colourful culture and breathtaking mountains and waterfalls. With firm government commitment to infrastructure development, several top rankings in travel blogs and an increasing interest from the investment world, Lombok has earned its place as the newest and most anticipated beach destination in Asia.


We provide a seamless process from land purchase to villa construction and rental management.

  • Proof of concept established – with infrastructure, staff quarters, back of house and clubhouse (Aura Lounge and Bar) and 10 villas completed. In addition, we currently have another 11 villas under construction.

  • Transparent and well respected management team

  • Established on the ground team with over 150 full-time staff based in South Lombok

  • Extensive legals both on and offshore to protect your underlying asset

  • Certainty of boundaries and clear access (100% warranty on title)

  • Differentiated product with extensive facilities – including clubhouse, restaurant, bar, swimming pool, tennis court, yoga and children’s facilities

  • Very close-knit community of high net worth individuals from all around the world

  • A firm commitment to sustainable development

  • A corporate social responsibility program that not only enhances Selong Selo’s sustainability program but also helps local communities with small business opportunities.


For investors and home buyers, Lombok is great value. It has the natural beauty of Bali without the oversaturation of tourists and for a fraction of the price.

  • Significant discount price to Bali – improved land up to 30 times cheaper

  • Strong rental occupancies. In 2017, average island occupancy was 76%.

  • Positive growth outlook for hotels and residences – for hotels ADR in local currency grew at an average rate of 12% annually in the past five years.

  • Its natural beauty vs its oversaturated neighbor. The area is a utopia of beautiful beaches, enchanting waterfalls, world class surfing & diving, fishing, snorkeling and activities such as golf, kite surfing are now also easily available

  • Firm Government commitment to invest in infrastructure, including the new airport, a new highway and power stations.

  • Strong interest in developing the area, including the planned $3.35Bn “Mandalika Resort Area” currently under development by the BTDC. The Pullman Hotel has broken ground and other such as ClubMed, Royal Tulip, Lagoon and Paramount Hotel set to break ground soon.

  • Growth in international arrivals to Lombok rose with an average annual growth rate of about 26% between 2009 and 2014 (including a 68% increase in international arrivals in 2017) international arrivals (Source BPS Indonesia). Currently there are direct international flights from Singapore and Malaysia and it is anticipated directs from Dubai (Emirates), Korea (Jin Air), Guangzhou (Garuda) and Australia (Garuda) are set to next year.


It’s the largest economy in Southeast Asia and it’s continuing to grow.

  • Indonesia has stable real growth and double digit nominal GDP growth, translating into strong and stable EPS growth (18% CAGR over the past 5 years)

  • It has a huge domestic market with a population of 240 million. The investment rating raised to BBB – on par with BRIC nations Indonesia’s Debt/GDP Ratio down from 83% in 2001 to 29% in 2010, lowest level in Southeast Asia

  • Domestic demand fuelled by healthy demographics, is now being supplemented by a strong investment cycle (FA Investment/GDP 32%)

  • It’s resilient to global weakness as Indonesia’s growth is largely domestic focused. Source: Master Plan: Acceleration and Expansion of Indonesia Economic Development 2011-2025.

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