//Giving Back To Our Community

Giving Back To Our Community

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From the outset of Selong Selo’s development, our commitment to partner with the local south Lombok community in and around our first development “Selong Selo Residences” has been at the forefront of our minds. There are many aspects to this including improving the living conditions of locals, preserving the environment, employing locally and most importantly, education of the children. We firmly believe fostering the development of the children’s education will be key for the community to benefit fully from growth in tourism in the area. With the assistance of Clare Arnold, the children of the Hong Kong Football Mini Rugby community and fellow plot owners Chris Chan and Tony Hore, we were able to make another small step in following through with this commitment.

Founders Andrew Corkery and James Kibble, who are also members of the Hong Kong Rugby Football Club were able to present over 20 collected HKFC rugby bags containing jersey, shoes, socks, toys and stationary to the children of Sekolah Dasar Negeri Jabon Barat school (Governments Elementary School of West Jabon) which currently educates 83 children of ages ranging from six to twelve. These children are under privileged with very few belongings. Further the condition in which the few teachers must educate them is extremely difficult with very little extras or facilities to help improve their students learning development. We are extremely grateful to the kids of the HKFC mini rugby for collecting the bags. It is a great start to an initiative we hope will progress over the years and we ask all our visitors, investors and friends who come to the area to fill their spare space in their bags and carry on to provide these gifts for the kids.

Prior to the presentation, we were also able to give rugby jerseys of the past tours Andrew, James and other members of the club including Lloyd Jones had participated in. The Selong Selo team loved receiving quality clothing to use for their day’s work and also got a ‘kick’ out of all the wild designs that our friends Tsunami , Kukri and Eddie Jones have designed over the past decade. It bought back some great memories for James and Andrew seeing all there past team’s jerseys being worn at same time.

There remains a lot of work required to develop the Selong Selo Foundation to the level we are happy with but we do hope we can continue to build on our recent initiatives including developing the website for the Selong Belanak beach community, access to drinking water so we can further help the area and community which we have grown to love and treat as our home

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