//Lombok’s Best Waterfalls

Lombok’s Best Waterfalls

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Our guide to Lombok’s spectacular waterfalls 


Lombok is so much more than the stunning white sandy beaches and enormous volcanic Mt Rinjani – its full of stunning waterfalls.

There are many waterfalls in Lombok, which are worth the journey to experience.  Some say once you have been to one, you have been to them all but this is not necessarily true.  Part of the ultimate waterfall experience is the journey of getting there and the picturesque landscape that complements the culture.



Sendang Gile & Tui Kelep Waterfall


These waterfalls are very close together and come as the ultimate package. They are located in the very north of Lombok near the base of Mt Rinjani. When you come close to the entrance of the waterfalls, you see many quirky little home-stays and randomly positioned restaurants. You can drive by car on asphalt road to the entrance and parking is directly opposite the gate. Once you step out of the car you are bombarded by local guides who are selling their services for well over the market price. I was able to barter the price down to Rp200k for two people from the original Rp350k. All in all I would say a guide is not a necessity but I enjoyed someone to hold my hand and guide me over the sporadic submerged rocks. The first waterfall is Sendang Gile and this is the teaser for the much bigger and nicer Tui Kelep. The whole way to Tui Kelep is only about 30 minutes through the beautiful lush green rainforest and running streams. Monkeys are a sight to see and photo opportunities are a dime a dozen. Once you arrive at the waterfall base, you can swim in the very fresh ‘very clean and very cold’ crystal clear water. On the trek home there is a dark tunnel you can walk within for about 10 minutes, which I would recommend experiencing.

How to get there (from Selong Selo Residences):

  1. Head southeast on Jl. Batu Jangkih Sepi toward Jl. Selong Belanak
  2. Continue on Jl. Selong belanak. Take Jl. Bypass Bandara Int Lombok, Jl Raya Mataram – Tj and Jl Raya Bayan to Jl rakit in Sukadana
  3. Continue on Jl. Batu Rakit to your destination in Senaru

Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep waterfalls located in Senaru village, about 2.5 hours drive from Mataram city. Given the considerable distance away, it is recommended that you use a private vehicle to visit these amazing waterfalls. To go to Senaru village from Mataram, you can go through Pusuk and Senggigi, which is a beautiful drive through the monkey mountain.

Through Pusuk, If you do travel through Pusuk, you will see the scenery of rice fields and green mountains around you, we will travel through the winding road up past the peak of pusuk, here you will see a monkey habitat along the road (Pusuk Pass).

Through Senggigi, If you do travel through Senggigi, it will take a longer time due to greater distance if we compared to Pusuk Pass, but this journey offers scenic journey along the coast, ranging from Meninting beach, Batu Bolong, Senggigi, Kerandangan, Malimbu, until the scenery of three islands (Gili Trawangan, Air, and Meno) are located to the north of Lombok Island.

Additional information

  1. Location: Senaru village in the north Lombok district
  2. Admission: Minimum of IDR 10,000/Person (Expat usually 50,000)
  3. Best time to visit: 10.00-15.00
  4. Public facilities: Accommodation, restaurant, food stalls, parking place, public toilet and a small mosque.

Benang Stokel & Benang Kelambu

These two waterfalls are close together and offer different experiences for each. On the way there you travel through small villages on a windy road past signature Lombok rice paddies. There is plenty of signage along the asphalt road so easy to find in comparison to other waterfalls in Lombok. When you arrive in the parking area many guides trying to barter prices and offer guided tour will once again bombard you. The entrance fee varies as to how many waterfalls you would like to experience and of coarse your nationality. There are five falls in total and my recommendation is to see at least these two. If you are arriving by car, you will need to either hire a scooter or be up for a bit of a trek. Winding through beautiful rainforest, the monkeys are a endearing. Once you arrive at the intersection you will need to walk about 15 minutes to the first waterfall – Benang Stokel Here there is a perfectly designed grass area for a packed picnic. Once heading to the next and the best and largest of the two – Benang Kelambu, you head down the path you came and once at the intersection turn left and ride five minutes or walk 15 minutes to the next stop. On the walk to the waterfall there is often water on the path so be cautious. Take the opportunity at many of the stops to take photos, as the view is spectacular. During raining season there is three distinctive waterfalls here and a place you take jump into a natural pool.

How to go there:

  1. Head southeast on Jl. Batu Jangkih Sepi toward Jl. Selong Belanak
  2. Continue on Jl. Selong Belanak. Drive from Jl. Raya Sengkol and Jl. Raya Praya – Mantang toSelebung
  3. Continue onto Jl. Raya Mandalika/Jl. Raya Tuan H Guru Lopan to your destination.

Additional Information:

  1. Location: The village of Aik Berik in Central Lombok
  2. Admission: Minimum of IDR 10,000/Person (Expat usually 50,000)
  3. Best time to visit: 9.00-14.00
  4. Public facilities: Food stall, small mosque, parking area, public toilets and scooter hire.

Jeruk Manis


This waterfall we found by sheer luck while looking for another waterfall (which works out is in fact a water park for the locals made up of a couple of in-ground pools). The landscape is the perfect place to get lost in and the locals are extremely helpful to help you find your way. The road is asphalt to the parking area at the entrance and here you leave the car and make the rest of the journey by foot. The average price here is 50k entrance fee and I would advise a guide is completely ridiculous – unless you are unable to walk along a single path leading to and from the water fall. The walk is about 20 minutes and not hard at all. On arrival to the rock pool the temperature drops and the waterfall is nice and crisp. Here it is ok to stand under the flow of the waterfall or climb the rock where the water lands. This purified clear water is not very deep but ideal for a little dip to freshen up. Whist it is beautiful it is not as striking as the waterfalls above.

How to get there:

  1. Head southeast on Jl. Batu Jangkih Sepi toward Jl. Selong Belanak.
  2. Continue on Selong Belanak. Take Jl. Raya Sengkol, Jl. Raya Praya – Kopang, Jalan Raya Mataram – Labuan Lombok/Jl. Raya Mataram – Sikur and Jl. Kotaraja-Montonggading to Jl. Kotaraja in Kotaraja
  3. Continue onto Raya Mandalika/Jl. Raya Tuan H Guru Lopan
  4. Continue on Kotaraja to your destination

Additional Information:

  1. Location: Kembang Kuning village east Lombok district
  2. Admission: Minimum of IDR 10,000 (Expat usually 50,000 +)
  3. Best time to visit: 08.00 – 14.00
  4. Public facilities: Food stall, public toilet, parking area and camping area.

Travelling Tips:

  1. Try and use non slippery footwear the wet areas can get quite slippery
  2. Bring a change of clothes if you want to shower in the waterfall
  3. Avoid being to close to the waterfalls due to heavy pressure (especially in Tiu Kelep waterfall)
  4. Protect your camera and other electronic items
  5. Mosquito repellent is advised to avoid bites
  6. Look after the environment and leave it how you found it.

Hot Tip: Tourist attractions for locals are their bread and butter so keep an open mind and be savvy. Majority of people will try and see what more they can get out of the situation. Even living here and speaking (minimum) Bahasa I still have to barter down prices at tourist hot spots. Be prepared and don’t get disheartened.

Always remember it is the journey not just the destination! (Although these destinations are exquisite)


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