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Lombok Reserach Report: Horwath & C9 HotelWorks

This recently released research report on Lombok by Horwath and C9 Hotelworks highlights the following:

  • Lombok Tourism Arrives continue to grow
  • Hotel performance is solid
  • Infrastructure continues to be rolled out

“Visitor arrivals in Lombok have shown a robust growth between 2009 and 2014. The rumoured addition of new direct domestic and international flights will continue to improve the number of travellers to Lombok. Although the presence of low cost airlines can be viewed as a doubleedged sword, they undoubtedly benefit a market by bringing more affordable and easy access to the market as well as increasing market awareness, even if this is only for short period of time. Aside from the airport, major infrastructure improvements are being established in Lombok such as the addition or upgrade of roads, which should attract investment.”

The report can be downloaded from here: MR2 Indonesia – Lombok

Special thanks for Matt Gebbie and Bill Barnett for putting this report together.

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