//Lombok Earthquake Update

Lombok Earthquake Update

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Selong Selo Resort and Residences

Earthquake update

August 2018


We are safe and open for business – help support the Islanders by planning your next visit to South Lombok.


We have all been extremely saddened by the recent series of earthquakes afflicting our beautiful Island of Lombok and its people, and the ensuing destruction and devastation that affected a number of villages and towns in the north and northwest of the island.

The magnitude 6.4 earthquake on 29thJuly caused loss of life and damage to homes and businesses for hundreds of people in the Sembulan regency of North Lombok. However, on the 5thAugust it became clear that this was in fact only a pre-shock event, when a major magnitude 7.0 quake hit the same area the following week on 5thAugust, causing further devastation to the already traumatised North.   A number of aftershocks still continue to be felt, and while the island remains vigilant to these, we in the South have thankfully not been affected.



A tsunami warning (issued but later lifted) following the first earthquake resulted in thousands of tourists being evacuated from the Gili islands as a precaution.  At that time, many of those displaced tourists chose to seek refuge here in the South of Lombok.


At Selong Selo Resort & Residences our guest safety is of utmost importance to us. We are located in one of the safest parts of the island, South Lombok – a region which has remained unaffected by the spate of recent earthquakes.  Our resort sits high in the Jabon Hills overlooking Selong Belanak at 150m above sea-level.  While we have felt some of the earthquake movement, there has been no damage to any of our buildings or infrastructure and business is operating as usual. Our luxury villas are fully compliant with the highest international design standards and construction methodology.


The Governor of Lombok recently released the following press statement declaring that the South of Lombok is unaffected and operating normally, and inviting tourists to continue to visit and enjoy all that the south has to offer.

“It must be stressed that the majority of the damage is located in North Lombok and that other areas of the island remain largely unaffected.
Tourism areas such as Kuta and the south coast and the southwest of Lombok are unaffected and are operating normally. We welcome tourists to Lombok to keep our people employed and support recovery from this natural disaster.”

Dr. TGH. M. Zainul Majdi – Governor of West Nusa Tenggara, Lombok


How we are helping North Lombok (and how you can help too).

To date, Selong Selo has raised over USD $10,000 in funds through the generous donations of its villa owners, staff and guests. With this money we have been assisting the worst-affected villages in the north by coordinating and distributing essential supplies such as food, clothing, medicines, toiletries, tarpaulins and blankets directly to those people displaced from their homes by the earthquakes.  Additionally, we have offered machinery and construction staff to help with the cleanup effort and to build essential services such as public toilets. We welcome any donations, large or small, to help us further assist our friends in the North to recover from this hardship.  You can DONATE TO OUR EARTHQUAKE APPEAL HERE  quoting “Earthquake appeal” as the reference, along with your email, so we may keep you updated on how your donation has helped others.


The beautiful people of Indonesia have suffered more than their fair share of natural disasters and crises recently, and have demonstrated time and time again their resilience and ability to rise to the challenge in the face of adversity and recover their lives, homes and livelihoods. However, to do this, they need our support in the form of employment and your tourism dollars to help them rebuild, literally – from the ground up.


So please plan your next visit to see this amazing island, its’ wonderful people, and everything else it has to offer.  Lombok needs you now more than ever!


The Selong Selo Team helping to coordinate and distribute supplies to over 11 of the worst-hit villages in the North

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