//The People of Selong Belanak Beach

The People of Selong Belanak Beach

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Living in an area such as Selong Belanak we come across all sorts, from expats making a new life in paradise, to locals making a living from the beautiful land, beaches and tourists.

We hooked up with Jack Jay (21) and his business partner Lalu Prayata (27) to ask what they are doing in the area and how we can help.

Hi guys, what exactly do you do here at Selong Belanak Beach?

We run the Surf School here on the beach and Lalu runs the Beach Youth Community organisation, together we are striving to create a cleaner greener environment for everybody.

How long have you been doing this?

We started our project here maybe, 7 months ago. We are local to the region, and have always looked at Selong Belanak with fondness. It is not dirty or crowded as some other surf beaches in the world.

Why do you do this?

Well, we love to surf and we want to make a good honest living. When someone gets up on the board for the first time, they love it. We want to spread the surfing feeling to everyone. If we can interest “bule” (foreigners) in our country and give them big great experience we hope they tell their friends and come back in the future. That would mean more people loving surfing.

Why at Selong Belanak?

Well (as we said,) it’s mostly clean, and really is beautiful. The break is perfect for beginners. Where our shop is the current is not too strong, the waves break evenly along the shore, the bottom is sandy and it is only waist deep. Beginners can learn here in confidence.

What are the challenges and how do you overcome them?

The biggest challenges are re-educating others in the local area in disposing of waste in environmentally friendly way. Our beautiful land is the reason people come here, the land is our attraction, and we should not make it ugly.

What’s in the future for you?

Well we are looking to run a surf competition, this May. After beginner surfing at Selong Belanak we take people to the corner of the bay where it’s medium level, then to Serangan and finally Mawi and Desert point for the Elites. We want to continue work with you at Selong Selo to improve ourselves. You have been very helpful with making a website, and correct way for rubbish disposal and generally being a wise group to share ideas with and learn from.

What don’t you want to see happen here?

We love all water sports, but it would really spoil our beautiful bay if we brought the noisy things here. People want to come here to see traditional things, we have events, showing stick fighting and dancing we like to keep this bay peaceful.

What’s the most favourite thing about your job?

Surfing man, It’s all about the waves, I like to do tricks but I am not as good as Alejandro!. We also love meeting new people. Since we met you guys, you have helped us with Websites, promotions and good ideas. It’s all about friendships which is really what surfing and Selong Belanak is about!

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