//People make Projects.

People make Projects.

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Interview with Rahman – Nursery Manager @ Selong Selo Residences


In life we often meet people with passion. People who through their infectious desire to enjoy life they cannot help but inspire all around them. Rahman Abdul Rahman is one of them.

It is said that developments are all about land for sale, the quality and type of villas. Not so at Selong Selo Residence where there is a real human side to the project and this article is about a man whose love is for nature, combining his skills and talents with the founders of Selong Selo’s vision for the environment, that enticed us all here in the first place.

Rahman, is tasked with maintaining our grounds, consulting on the landscaping of individual plots, managing a construction team and all round ensuring that the site is scarred as little as possible by the ongoing construction of luxury villas and general property development.





How long have you worked with Landscaping and nature?

“I have been working in landscaping since 1998 at Rinjani Agun Bungalow and Restaurant. I fell into this through a deep feeling of sadness at the blandness of the garden area. I had actually started as a steward, bellboy and reception until finding my calling in landscaping. I decided my first project would be to create a Bonsai Garden. I had more creative ideas and their existing gardener Bapak Kami helped bring my creative ideas to life. He also taught me the basics of my trade. His son continues our legacy at the Puri Rinjani Hotel.”



Why do you like what you do?

“I like to see every plant cared for, I love the amazing colours of nature, and feel that keeping things natural we can enjoy a blank canvass of the garden to paint upon.”


What is your philosophy regarding landscaping?

“The philosophy is keep it natural and healthy, this includes organic approaches to pesticides, balancing nature’s needs and requirements. For example I mix a natural fungicide from the Kapuk Tree. This keeps nature in check using natures’ own defences. For fertilisers we use natural waste and compost, we create our own EM4 through composting fruits”




What is the reason you work with Selong Selo?

“I wanted to do something new and different in my life. The size of this project is something awe inspiring. The commitment to community social responsibility means I get to continue my knowledge and experience through others, hoping to influence the coming generations in good gardening practices.”



What are the challenges of your work and how do you overcome them?

“The biggest challenges are to make the workers happy and give them the right knowledge. Some may say that working in a dry and hillside environment is difficult but I don’t think so. As a Lombok native the conditions are just as natural to me as the plants that I use in our gardens.”



What is your favourite plant and why?

“My Favourite plants are too many to mention, fruits, grasses and flowers have so many beautiful examples. Flourishing together in harmony they provide a satisfying outcome at the end of each day.”


What does the future hold?

“I hope to leave a mark for the local community and my family happy and proud to see the work I have done here. In my old age I want to look upon a legacy of beautiful gardens and ensure my families education and work for the coming years. I never got to go to secondary school. I have all my learning from experience on the job, my children will not have to do this, and will have a sound education to build their future upon.”




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