//Selo Footprints Sustainability Program

Selo Footprints Sustainability Program

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Launching the Selo Group Sustainability Program  

This month at Selo Group we are excited to launch our integrated Sustainability Program. 

Selo Group has been committed from the outset to operating a successful business that promotes the wellbeing of the social and environmental systems linked to where we operate. While there have been some twists and turns in our approach to social and environmental responsibility, consultant Courtney Saville has developed a cohesive, company-wide sustainability program for Selo Group that we are proud to share with you all.  

Our Sustainability Program is guided by the Selo Footprints Strategy 2018 which sets out five key Principles and related activities that support our various internal and external stakeholders: 

Selo Footprints Strategy 2018 – Key Principles

Principle 1: Value our employees and suppliers 

A vibrant workplace culture is critical to the success of our development. We extend this understanding to our employees, contractors and suppliers and commit to positive internal social outcomes

Principle 2: Support our community 

Our operations positively contribute to building the resilience of our local communities.

Principle 3:Commit to sustainable operations 

The sustainable operations of our business over its lifetime considerably exceed the initial environmental impacts of construction.

Principle 4: Lead as a changemaker 

We recognise our responsibility to be a changemaker through participating in peer-to-peer learning and knowledge sharing.

Principle 5: Support natural systems 

Environmental systems linked to where we operate are to be supported, preserved and nurtured. 


The above Principles have brought our company-wide existing and planned sustainability initiatives into a single program, allowing us to properly track our investments in sustainability and our positive social and environmental outcomes.  

We have formed an internal Sustainability Leadership Group made up of employees from across the company who are tasked with implementation of the Selo Footprints Strategy 2018 and data collection. Data will form the basis of yearly reports to showcase our progress towards sustainability – versions of these reports will be publicly available. The Sustainability Leadership Group is also responsible for the generation of new and innovative sustainability initiatives for future programming consideration.  

Please visit the new Sustainability page on our website for further explanations and detail, as well as some inspiring images: www.selongselo.com/sustainability. 

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