//South Lombok’s Best Beaches

South Lombok’s Best Beaches

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Our South Lombok beach adventure

The South is home to some of the best beaches in Lombok and we believe it is worth the drive to experience each one for its uniqueness and beauty.  So we have put together a road map from our Selong Selo Residences to our favourite five beaches.


Stop 1:

Selong Belanak Beach

Voted 5th best beach in Indonesia for a reason, Selong Belanak is our preferred beach. The bay is large with a crescent shape beach overlooking an island in the middle. This gently sloping beach is covered with the finest white sand and met with crystal clear water. The small waves, offers a great place for people learning to surf and perfect for a casual swim. Up the east of the beach is a bunch of warungs where you can hire surf boards along with a beginners lesson, have lunch from fresh local ingredients or grab a cold drink to enjoy on the day beds. Our tip is to try and avoid Sundays and public holidays as this becomes a very popular spot for local tourism, otherwise this beach is very quiet and ideal for relaxation.

How to get there:

Starting from Selong Selo Residences entrance – TURN RIGHT

Follow the road 4 km until you reach the T junction at the willow tree – TURN RIGHT

Drive along the road 8 minutes until you reach the Selong Belanak intersection – TURN RIGHT

Go around a small bend, there you will find the public entrance to the beach.



Stop 2:

Mawi Beach

Mawi is famous for its awesome surf breaks and is a very popular stop among the surfing crowd. The break is for skilled surfers and would not recommend for the basic beginner due to the rocky bottom. The sand is a little coarser than in Selong Belanank but is still white and the water is crystal clear. The view of the island is incredible and what appears as ‘one’ rock island in Selong Belanak is actually a ‘three’ rock island, which looks similar to a dragon’s back. There is one warung where you can buy basic food and drinks but if you are looking at going here to surf – you will need to take your own board.

If you are looking for an added beauty – Semiti Beach is located ‘next-door’ to Mawi. When you come back out along the dirt road from Mawi turn right and follow this along 10 minutes. Here the view is stunning over the bay and islands. Here it is very quite, no warungs and not hugely popular among the tourists, so perfect if you want something a little off the beaten track. The beach is met by rock pools which, offers a great place for small sea life to adventure. You can often see local fishermen catching small baitfish within the shallow pools.

How to get there:

Coming from Selong Belanak you drive towards Kuta for about 2 minutes, you will see a ‘Mawi’ sign – TURN RIGHT

Follow the rocky road up a hill until the entrance gate. Once here you will travel down a bumpy dirt track for 15 minutes until you hit a Y junction. TURN RIGHT

(Left is to Semiti Beach and right is to Mawi Beach)

Follow this road for another 10 minutes and you will arrive.

Please note that the road (currently at September 2016) is quite bad especially after rain. If you are not confident on the scooter and/or are travelling in a low set car – I would advise with a little caution. If you are a very keen surfer or just love a little adventure – I am sure the condition of the road won’t deter you.


Stop 3:

Mawun Beach

Mawun is simply beautiful. The sand is similar to caviar in size and shape and with a moon shaped bay this becomes a very special place. Depending on the surf conditions, the waves in the middle of the bay can be very strong but if you stay in the outer parts of the bay it is good for swimming/dipping. There is a gloriously large shady tree perfect for a picnic and depending on the time of day, you will only have to share this place with a handful of people. There is not a lot going on at this beach and is great for relaxing and taking photos. This is our second favourite beach and can possibly only be completed with a freshly grilled Lombok style corncob.

How to get there:

Coming from Mawi  – follow the road back the way you came until you hit the main road – TURN RIGHT

Head towards Kuta for about 15 minutes once you see the ‘Mawan’ sign and a large tree to your right – TURN RIGHT

Follow the sand road directly to the beach. You will see a sign labeled with Mawun Beach and you can park here.



Stop 4:

Segar Beach

Segar beach is located to the east of Kuta and is definitely a beautiful little cove without too much to offer than just the beach and its view. The sand is similar to Mawan Beach but seems to have a lot more coral mixed in it. You can walk out to a large rock in the middle of the bay depending on the tide. Perfect for a dip, a coconut or a walk along the beach. There are warungs here but if looking for food I would recommend stopping in Kuta on the way through. Segar is known for its great break depending on the tide and is home to surf competitions like Ripcurl Surf Groms. Therefore depending on the time of year – if can be extremely busy with the surf crowd. Our tip would be to climb to the top of the hill and check out the magnificent views over the bay and lush greenery it really is breathtaking.

How to get there:

From Mawan Beach you follow the dirt path till you get to the main road. TURN RIGHT

Head towards Kuta for 15 minutes, once you arrive in Kuta – drive straight through the two main intersections until you hit the T junction – TURN RIGHT Head toward Kuta beach – here you will face another T junction – TURN LEFT

All you have to do is just follow the beach road towards the Novotel Resort and at the very first roundabout you just go straight (instead of right, which would be the way to the Novotel).

Follow along the rode 1 minute until you hit a intersection – TURN RIGHT

(Straight is to Tanjung Aan)

Follow along this road and this will take you to the beach.




Stop 5:

Tanjung Aan

We like to finish here, as the sunsets can be utterly amazing. The bay has crystal clear turquoise water and really fine white sand. Situated on a huge long bay where you will definitely find a lovely little secluded spot. There is also a second bay on the other side where you can also have a nice swim. From the hill that separates both bays from each other you can enjoy a gorgeous view of the surroundings. Truly stunning! Similar to Selong Belanak – Tanjung Aan has many warungs and is very popular with the local tourists especially on Sundays and public holidays. This is not a place for surfing but it does offer water sport (which you wont see in many places in South Lombok).

How to get there:

From Segar Beach follow the road back the way you came in and when you get to the intersection (Kuta, Tanjaug Aan and Segar) – TURN RIGHT

Drive 2 minutes and you will come to a Y junction (left is to Awang Beach) – TURN RIGHT

Travel another 4 minutes and you will reach the beach and parking will be on the right.

Basic cost facts for the journey

Car Hire: 350k – 450k per day

Care hire depends on if you hire a car or a car and driver. Usually you can hire a car and driver for 8 hours and this is a great way to avoid any hassle and relax.

Scooters Hire: 50k per day

Advice is to organize scooter hire upon your arrival, we advise to wear a helmet and to be aware of what’s on the roads – if you’re a seasoned South East Asian traveller – these roads are fine and all main roads have asphalt, the dirt road are on the other hand challenging.

Beach Access: 10k – 20k

The cost of access to the beach varies in each spot but it will either be 10k or 20k. This is completely normal in all beaches so prepare small change before you depart.

Surfboard Hire: 50k – 150k

The cost of hire depends on the type of board, ie learner boards are usually 50k. Tip would be to stick to this price and make sure you tell the locals that you know what the price is meant to be.

Surf Lessons: 200k – 250k

Normally a surf lesson will be 200k for two hours. That is if people make it the whole two hours, as it usually can be quite tough for beginners. Some locals will try and charge 250k so barter down on this one.

Sun Lounger/ Day Beds: 50k

Some beaches along this trip will have day beds of some sort. Mawan and Selong Belanak have many and the price should always be 50k for the day.

Basic directions in Bahasa Indonesia

Straight – Lurus

Left – Kiri

Right – Kanan

Turn – Belot

Where is .. – Di Mana..




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