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South Lombok Villa Rental Showcase:


Lombok is fast becoming a popular and exotic holiday destination.  With unique sweeping views of the the sea interlaced with the sky, right through to exquisite luxury, dreamy sunsets and sunrises, and all the finishing touches you could dream of, Villa Agia is arguably in one of the most prime positions in the estate, sitting on top of the highest point in the south of Lombok.  It invokes a sense of excitement being secluded in such a luxurious tropical haven, with much be explored.

Agia offers a unique sense of freedom, an unrivalled experience, with unobstructed views, a large garden, and an infinity pool that will have you relaxing for hours.  In the evenings the garden is filled with a live fireplace, palm trees, with sunset & then open heavens of stars reflecting on the pool.


Villa Agia Pool View

If family friendly Lombok holiday accommodation is on your ‘must have’ list, then Agia is one of the only villas that offers an attractive outdoor space where kids can play on the lawn and in the pool. Parents can barbeque and enjoy the sunset, and still enjoy some relaxation and family time.  An outdoor cinema projector can be arranged with bean bags and there is still enough luxury space to not feel cramped.  Adults and their kids can both enjoy their own spaces and create their own experience.  Villa Agia is designed ideally for 2 families with kids where both families will have their own private areas, separated by a 30 meter lawn. It’s the perfect travel solution as both families can have their family time in the mornings and evenings and ideally the 2 families can meet during the social parts of the day to enjoy the villa, the pool, the lawn, and all these villas have on offer.

Owner Alex Petterson says ‘the 2 villas themselves are designed to fit and integrate into the physical shape of the property. It’s the only property that actually extends over the ridge of the hill hence the infinity pool which actually stretches past the drop off point of the ridge’.


Villa Agia Lounge Area


Villa Agia Master Bedroom View


Villa Agia Master Bathroom

The second private villa unit is hidden underneath this ledge and cannot be seen from the upper villa.  The bedroom/bathroom is really private with a plunge pool in addition to the main pool. This bathroom has spectacular views and can be opened up or remain private so that you can look outside across the ocean.

With only superior quality fittings, and all floors and bathrooms made from marble and solid teak interior finishing and roofs, this villa is second to none in all that it offers.  Your Lombok stay will be one to remember, for years to come. So what are you waiting for? Click here for more information:


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