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Selong Selo Resort & Residences began as a ‘love at first surf’ for two Australian investment-banking entrepreneurs, Mr James Kibble and Mr Andrew Corkery, who acquired the 16 hectares of prime coastal hillside real estate in South Lombok after visiting on a surfing trip in 2009.

Knowing the high prices of land and property in neighbouring Bali, the pair quickly recognised the growth potential in South Lombok for this pristine and beautiful area, so close to a new international airport and at a fraction of Bali’s prices. They set about to locate the most spectacular piece of land they could find, and purchased 16 hectares of hillside land with jaw-dropping views overlooking Selong Belanak Bay.

The duo’s original intent was to simply subdivide and sell off smaller parcels of the land.  However, they quickly realised that in order to make this investment viable for their future buyers they would have to provide more than just raw land.  Installing infrastructure and constructing a villa in a remote, developing region is not only difficult but also extremely expensive when done on an individual ad-hoc basis, and it becomes even more challenging when doing so from abroad. As such, the original intent of the project subsequently morphed into the rollout of high quality infrastructure throughout the site, to ensure each lot owner could attain their own luxury island villa, whilst removing all potential headaches of doing it themselves.

Acknowledging their own resort development inexperience and also understanding the lack of a scalable construction capability in South Lombok, the pair enlisted a number of experienced advisors and employed a team of highly qualified experts in construction, resort management, and Indonesian law.

This strong ‘on the ground’ team, which has since swelled to over 120 full time employees, plus hundreds of part-time and contract workers, proved to be a clear differentiator in the South Lombok market and enabled them to create a fully integrated lifestyle resort product to cater to the high net worth expatriate market. The development incorporates a full suite of modern facilities and high-end services to create an unforgettable holiday experience.  All aspects of the process from land sales, design, construction, managing and maintaining the luxury villas has been handled by Selong Selo’s in-house team, reducing the reliance on third parties and subsequently allowing greater confidence in the quality and monitoring of execution.

Fast forward to 2018, 9 years from it’s original inception and Selong Selo Residences has acquired a name as the clever lifestyle and investment choice for high-net-worth singles and couples in their mid 30s to 50s looking for an annual guaranteed break with everything they desire, wrapped in green credentials.  It is a testament to the determination, dedication, transparency and commitment of the team that the project has consistently delivered it’s promises on time and on budget, and is producing beautiful homes with all the mod-con’s for it’s community of villa owners.


The overall project goal is to create a fully integrated offering that not only sets a new standard of quality and design for Lombok but also competes with the best known luxury lifestyle resorts internationally. Selong Selo Residences will provide a full array of high-end facilities, quality food & service, and a comprehensive list of experiential activity packages to enjoy the surrounding area.

In conjunction with delivering a luxury product, the Selong Selo team have a firm commitment to sustainability and are utilising the latest in clean energy techniques and green practices with an aim to be the first carbon negative development in Asia. This sustainability focus also extends to the surrounding community, where new opportunities are continually created to ensure that the locals directly benefit from the development and the tourism it brings to the area.

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