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We understand the majority of our investors have extremely busy lives. At Selong Selo we pride ourselves in making things easy.
Below are the 6 simple steps to owning your dream villa in beautiful South Lombok:


  • Enquire with one of our sales staff: complete the form below and one of our agents based in our Singapore, Lombok or Hong Kong office will be in touch.


  • Understand our offering: We will send you information covering all aspects of the investment so that you have complete comfort across purchasing, building and managing your villa. Through this process we will ask a few questions to understand your specific preferences so we send you a tailored lot proposal that outlines lot details, project yields and recommended designs for your bespoke lot. It is a big decision, so you should take your time to read all aspects of the purchase. ‘Transparency’ is one our key core values so we try to provide as much detail as possible.


  • Select the best lot: Once you have decided on your dream lot, simply sign the reservation agreement and transfer the deposit to secure your lot.


  • Read and sign the legals: We will ask you to sign a “Non-Disclosure Agreement” so we can send all the necessary legal agreements. These have been rigorously tested and vetted by multiple onshore and offshore lawyers. They are standardised so all villa owners are subject to the same terms. You will then have one month to read all the necessary legals before the next payment is due. These can all be signed electronically. Again, to make things as efficient as possible.


  • Begin design of your Bespoke or Kayu villa and commence construction of your villa: The cost of the villa build will be due over the construction period so payments will be spaced out over time once you decide to break ground.


  • Move in to your dream villa: Approximately 8-12 months after deciding to build you will be handed your keys and sitting on your private deck sipping a delicious cocktail overlooking the incredible Selong Belanak Bay.

Let’s get you started!

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