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Selong Selo is proud to provide employment to a strong on-the-ground team of over 120 full-time professional staff, 100 daily workers from the nearby local villages, and over 300 skilled Indonesian contractors.

We are an inclusive company that welcomes diversity and supports and encourages employees to strive to reach their highest potential.  We are committed to providing employment opportunities to the local people of South Lombok, offering training and employment in the areas of building construction and hospitality. Our staff  from every aspect of the business all work together as a team with passion and dignity, upholding our company’s core values.



  • Act with Integrity

  • Be open, honest and transparent

  • Be humble

  • Be inclusive of others and treat them with respect


  • Listen and be open to the others views

  • Maintain frequent communication with others

  • Address issues with open dialogue

  • Be clear and concise


  • Proactively improve yourself both personally and professionally

  • Help to your develop and mentor your team members

  • Be accountable and take ownership of your work

  • Bring passion and positivity to your daily work

  • Be resilient in the face of adversity


  • Trust your team has the best intention and are acting in the interests of the company

  • Be Truthful about your actions

  • Learn from your mistakes

  • Be tolerant of honest mistakes


  • Think of new ways to do things

  • Use resources efficiently

  • Prioritise sustainable solutions

  • Always look to improve on past successes

Selong Selo’s team has been one of the key elements who motivated my choice of buying there. The team is extremely professional, transparent and dedicated to make the whole purchase process a real journey to paradise. You can feel that Selong Selo has been there for some years building up a knowledge of the region, local rules and regulations while respecting and working with the local community.  With the Company building up the roads, committing to ensure access to electricity and water, managing the after sales needs when required is definitely an added value worth the price. Talking about paradise, I fell in love with Selong Belanak area during my first trip there. The untouched views, beach, surroundings are just amazing. My only advice, take a few days to go there to understand the beauty of it.

Arnaud, Hong Kong
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